My name is Andrew Meikle, and I am the writer, director, and producer of the series. I have been acting and modelling since I was nine years old. In 2010 I decided to start my own Independent film company called "Meikle Productions" (MP). Since then I have finished three features films entitled "Consequences", "The One That Got Away", and "The One Night Stand".


During the quarantine I took the time to write the story of "Two Brothers". I was never good with words and expressing myself. When the Black Lives Matter movement happened I couldn't find the right way to express how I felt. So I started to write this script, and use this as a way to show my own experiences

It’s a story that I am very passionate about, and tackles issues that need to be talked about. Not many shows have black actors as leads. They normally play the "best friends" or the side character. My goal with the series, is to show that you don’t have to be white to be a leading man, women, or PERSON. Race is not the only issue we showcase in the show. It has a huge focus on what goes on in the LGBTQ community. Our characters struggle with coming out, accepting who they are, and learning the discrimination that goes on within the community itself

This story is so impactful, and my goal it to help people who are going through the same struggles as the characters.

Growing up black was hard enough, but being black AND gay was a true struggle. Hearing the words Chi Chi Man, and Botty Man (Jamaican gay slurrs) thrown around was not easy, and it kept me in the closet for longer than I would have liked. When I finally came out, my father disowned me. I haven’t spoken to or seen him in 6 years. I need everyone to hear this...ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER.

I never saw anyone like me on tv growing up, and my plan is to change that. If you can’t donate, then please share this video, hopefully it will reach out to someone like me. With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's important for a show like this to be seen. I'm positive that everyone who tunes in will be able to relate to one or more characters that they see. The black queer community needs to be seen and heard, and this is my way of doing it. I'm using the storylines within the show to make sure that we aren't forgotten, and that people know that we're here, we're queer, and we're not going ANYWHERE.